The power of celebrity - is it right for your organisation?

Connecting a celebrity to your cause can harness their pulling power of media and public interest and tap into a deep well of talent and influential networks. But the process isn’t without potential pitfalls.

Linking with small companies - where to start

Charities and communities must think about what they need from local businesses before asking them for support says a recent article on the Community Action Hub (part of the Guardian's Voluntary Sector Network).

At a time when funding streams are becoming more unpredictable and charities are having to take a more creative approach to how they secure the necessary support for the survival of their services, partnerships with corporates is becoming more and more common.

How charities can forecast effectively

Today's economic climate means that income streams are unpredictable, with no guarantee that grants and contracts will be renewed. This situation is unsettling for charities and highlights the need for realistic and effective financial forecasting to ensure their long term survival.

Protect your people by protecting their data - new guide from Charity Finance Group

Data protection is sometimes seen as an issue just for big charities, but even the smallest are likely to hold personal data and handling that information correctly is essential.

How charities can become more entrepreneurial

Selling ethical products or services isn’t easy or the right choice for every charity, but as public funding decreases and ethical consumer spending grows, trading to earn income could become a logical choice for many.

Writing for the Guardian's Social Enterprise Network, Jake Hayman, chief executive of the Social Investment Consultancy, looks at the potential gains and challenges of charity trading as a route towards greater sustainability.

Eight ways to make corporate partnerships work for your charity

The Guardian Professional website has published an interesting article, giving top tips on how to forge and maintain productive corporate partnerships. Whether you are already involved in corporate partnerships or are looking to explore whether this is a viable and appropriate option for your group/charity, this may be a good place to start.

Top tips for creating engaging annual reports

As you may know, annual reports can take a great deal of time to produce. It is therefore important to make them an effective promotional tool for your organisation, at the same time as satisfying the necessary legal requirements.

We have been sent the following tips by Douglas Brown, a local PR professional and trainer who has spent many years working with the voluntary and community sector.

The art of giving and receiving grants - tips from the experts

Securing funding can be a tricky business. A recent Guardian live chat panel shares its advice to funders on how to give, as well as to voluntary and community sector groups on seeking and securing grants.

Some of the top tips for voluntary and community groups:

Pathways through the maze: a guide to procurement law

NAVCA and NCVO have released the second edition of their publication: 'Pathways through the maze: A guide to procurement law'. The publication is designed to help community and voluntary organisations to navigate their way through the often confusing procurement law landscape. This second edition offers important updates which take account of the recent changes in European law.

Investing in your team in tough times - some tips

On-the-job training and development for people working in the voluntary sector is disappearing, according to new research by Third Sector and the NCVO. Analysis of a recent labour force survey shows the number of people who have received in-work training fell by nearly a quarter to 24.8 per cent in the 12 months ending September 2012. This has led to concerns that training is being pushed aside as resources diminish and organisations are forced to make cuts to sustain their work.


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