How does it work?

When your organisation makes contact, we will ask you some questions about your organisation’s current situation so that we can begin to understand your support needs, and make sure that the service is suitable. 

If you are asking for intensive support, then we will also ask you to demonstrate how your service fits with some of our four priorities.

We may be able to provide the information you need over the phone or point you towards be supported. Alternatively, we may be able to offer you further support, including:


One-off support

One or two meetings with one of our development workers in which to discuss your issue and offer support.



Intensive support

 If we offer intensive support then a development worker will arrange to speak or meet with some people from your organisation (for example, trustees, staff and volunteers).  At that meeting the development worker will work with you to identify your organisation’s support needs.  We will then jointly produce an action plan to with your organisation to improve its performance, normally over a period of up to 3 months.


With your organisation’s commitment to a plan of action, a development worker will provide resources and advice, and when required, referrals to one of our partners.
On completion of the actions in the agreed plan, we will measure progress against your organisation’s goals. Support Hub tools and resources and other services (training and events) are available after the work with our development worker has been completed.


Support for previous Support Hub customers

Support Hub customers often ask if they can come back for further support in future. Our services, such as tools, resources and training, are available to all customers. It is also possible for customers to contact us to request further help, after a minimum of 6 months from the end of their support.



Getting the most out of the Support Hub

The Support Hub service works well for organisations that are able to commit time and energy to working with us. Our resources are limited and valuable, so if an organisation does not respond to us, after three attempts at communication over three months we will consider our work to be completed. If your organisation or group is new, we will ask you to have several people that are ready to get busy!

All of the Support Hub services are in demand and we continually support many organisations in their development. In particular, there is high demand for the support provided by our development workers. While we will be happy to talk about your support needs, there may be some delay before the meeting with the development worker. In the meantime, other services, such as tools, resources and training, are available to customers.



Urgent support

We know that sometimes a crisis appears and your organisation may need urgent support. The Support Hub aims to respond to urgent requests as well as provide planned support. The first step is to contact us to request support.